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The Memorial Hall Management Committee has considered how it should respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and I am writing to let you know what will be happening.
As underlined in the Government advice, the top priority is that we must all play our part in preventing the spread of the outbreak. Therefore, in order to help secure the safety of our community members, together with those involved in the operation of the building and its facilities,
we will be closing the Hall from Monday 23rd March. This will be at least until the end of April and probably for many weeks more. During this time arrangements have been made so that I can continue to receive emails and will have access to other information so that I can operate from home during my usual working hours – Monday – Friday 9-00am to 1-00pm.
Primarily for security reasons as the Hall will not be in use, We will also take the opportunity to carry out work at the Hall which would otherwise be difficult when it is in use including things such as a deep clean, repainting and general maintenance. The Hall should therefore be in very good order when we re-open later in the year.
It is disappointing that, at a time when the Hall is becoming increasingly popular for an ever expanding range of activities, we are having to take this action. However, we greatly appreciate your support and know that we have your understanding at this difficult time for all of us. We look forward to resuming our service as soon as possible and offer our best wishes for your health and wellbeing.

Hall Manager