Changes to Hire Charges from 1st April 2020

The Halls’ Committee has recently reviewed its charging arrangements and new hire fees were introduced with effect from 1st April 2020. It will be noted that a day rate has been included to give hirers the opportunity to select this rate if they feel that it would be a better and more flexible choice than a fixed number of hours. The new fees are set out in the linked PDF below.

The basic rate will apply to three main types of hirer. Firstly, regardless of their benefit to the community, those organisations primarily funded by money raised from taxes including national or local government, quangos, educational establishments and similar or related groups. Secondly, businesses which clearly exist for profit other than those where community use is judged to outweigh such profit as set out in the following paragraph. Thirdly, all bookings for a purely private function not open to the general public such as parties and dinners.

Bearing in mind the charitable objectives of the Hall to provide a facility for community use, the discount rate will apply to an individual or organisation whose purpose is consistent with those objectives. In determining this purpose regard will be had to the balance between community benefit and any profit made by the hirer from charging eg tuition fees. In such cases the level of profit generated by the booking will be a material factor in deciding whether or not it should be regarded as qualifying for the discount rate. The Hall Manager will have discretion to make judgements in this regard, discussing with the Hall Committee as necessary.  Bookings for the purpose of raising charitable funds shall be regarded as qualifying for this rate irrespective of whether the organisation is national or locally based unless the booking is made by a commercial fundraiser.

The new charges will apply to all bookings made on or after 1st April 2020. Any bookings made before that date will be honoured at the old rate for a period of 6 months i.e. until 30th September 2020.

For regular hirers a discount of 5% will be given provided there is at least one booking per week confirmed for a minimum of 6 months. For the purpose of this arrangement the Hall Manager has discretion to ignore short breaks in the booking cycle eg for holidays.

BMH charges for rooms from 1-4-20

For more information on charges please speak to the Hall Manager.